• Thank You!

    If you received this link, Craig is a personal fan and would love to have a conversation with you and discuss the possibility of being on his podcast.


    Please do not publically distribute this link.

    How do I get started?

    The first step is to set-up a 30 min time to talk to Craig one-on-one. You'll see if this is a good fit for you both, and discuss a little bit about your story and projects — whatever is currently exciting to you. This is a casual conversation, with no commitment involved.


    Find a 30 min time to talk with Craig: https://calendly.com/craigcecilio

    Why should I be a guest?

    It doesn't end at the episode.

    • Social promotion of your episode — We promote all of our episodes across all of our social media platforms; Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and anywhere else we have great engagement. We'll create eye-catching graphics are that are easily shared on social media, and possibly do paid advertising for your episode.
    • Links back to your website — We will backlink to your website, landing page, or other online resources. This will help with your search engine optimization, as well as drive more traffic to your site.
    • Our audience — As our online community continues to grow, episodes of Driven to Win will be broadcast across our distribution network with an impressive reach of more than 23,000 average daily listeners, 104,000 weekly radio listeners, and 756,000 annual hours of podcast downloads.
    • Our email list — Our current newsletter focuses on showcasing your episode, social media reach and other promotional activities you may be having. Just let us know what you have going on so we can include it in our next newsletter.
    • Featured in every Podcast directory including Spotify, Pandora and iHeart Radio.

    If you have an established audience elsewhere, such as a regional area, an email list or on a social media platform, let us know!
    We would be happy to look into designing engaging custom content for that platform.

    That’s it! It’s pretty simple!

    Still have some questions? Email info@driventowinpod.com. We’re always happy to help answer any questions you might have.

    From Craig, and everyone at Driven to Win — we appreciate your interest in being a guest on the podcast and look forward to having a great conversation with you.

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